The electronic dry bath incubator is used to incubate gke Steri-Record® self-contained biological indicators (SCBIs) and gke SteriRecord® Stearo-Ampoules. SCBIs are used to test steam, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde and hydrogen peroxide/plasma sterilization processes. gke Stearo-Ampoules are used to test liquid sterilization procedures. After the incubation period the colour of the pH indicator shows the result of the media. An external microbiological laboratory is not needed. Therefore, the results are available much faster.
The incubator is available in four versions for different temperatures. All incubators contain an aluminium block to incubate SCBIs. An aluminium block suitable for Stearo-Ampoules (art.-no. 610-114) is available separately. The incubation temperature is visible in the LCD display