The Medovation Story

Bridging the gap between Medicine and Innovation.

Medovation Inc is a company committed to innovate and take simplicity to the next level. We take the equipment you use regularly, and find a way to improve it. Sometimes you dont realise there's a better way of doing things until someone shows it to you.
That's the true power of innovation.


Our aim is to solve the problems you knew existed and also the ones you thought didn't exist.

Individual committment to a group effort is our motto.

We believe that team work, makes the dream work.


Medovation has been dedicated to the field of sterility since 2 decades. We've been building relationships, listening, studying and carefully observing the market. We found that many essential product categories have been void of innovation.
That's when SAL was born.
SAL (Sterility Assurance Level) is a subsidiary of Medovation Inc


We at SAL keep the design at the centre of the process, to make everything we invent look good too.
We manufacture products that don't just perform better, but also bring a smile to the person using it.

SAL product range has been developed with additional focus on Sterilization, Disinfection, Bacterial Barrier & cleaning for seeing up high standard operating protocols for infection control.
The growing concern of environmental waste management has led us to introduce SAL's new range of waste management systems in hospitals to help dispose the bio-medical, bio-hazardous waste safely & contribute to the society for clean and an hygienic environment.