SAL Crepe Barrier Paper Wrap

3. Bacterial Barrier

SAL Crepe Barrier Paper Wrap is a reinforced crepe Barrier paper used for wrapping medical devices (outer wrap) which can be terminally sterilized by the following methods: stem (121-134 C), ethylene oxide gas and low temperature formaldehyde and tradition. Sterility assurance is a critical cornerstone of effective patient care. Therefore, the medical device wrapping is very important step of the sterilization process. Suitable wrapping techniques and proper wrapping material use provide store barrier during and after the sterilization process.
SAL Crepe sheets used to wrap materials to be sterilized like the trays, surgical kit. Crepe is preferred instead of the fabric due to the smaller pore structures.
Features Include:
• High bacterial barrier performance
• Made from cellulosic fibres and reinforcement binder
• Higher strength than classical crepe
• Superior softness with a special touch
• Economic alternative to media containing man-mado fibres Compatible with all sterilization methods & Process (steam, Compliance with the ISO 11607 & EN 868 standards ETO, irradiation.)