Ruhof ATP Complete® 2

2. Cleaning Chemistry

The Ruhof ATP Complete® 2 System is a fast and reliable tool for assessing cleaning efficacy in healthcare facilities. It rapidly detects contamination using Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels, a universal energy molecule present in living cells. This system ensures cleanliness on non-critical surfaces, surgical instruments, and endoscopes within 15 seconds. The ATP 2 Test® Swab collects ATP and, when exposed to a luciferase/luciferin reagent, emits light in proportion to ATP levels. A photonic sensor in the ATP Complete® 2 System measures this bioluminescent light, displaying results as Relative Light Units (RLU) quickly. Moreover, the handheld unit syncs with the ATP Complete® 2 web portal via Wi-Fi, allowing result tracking, comparison charts, and trend analysis. It's a valuable tool for Sterile Services Managers, OR Managers, GI Managers, Infection Control Teams, Environmental Service Managers, and Engineers, helping maintain workplace cleanliness, identify issues, and ensure regulatory compliance cost-effectively.