SAL Lumen Cleaning Brush kit

2. Cleaning Chemistry

Introducing the SAL Lumen Cleaning Brush Kit, an advanced solution designed for exceptional cleaning performance. With its improved bristle length on the cleaning brush head, it ensures superior friction between the bristles and the inside channel surface. Experience a more thorough and effective cleaning process with theSAL Lumen Cleaning Brush, delivering impeccable cleanliness standards. Trust in precision cleaning with SAL Lumen Guard. It comes in a variety of sizes specialized for your unique application. Experience the enhanced cleaning capabilities of the SAL Lumen Cleaning Brush kit with these key features:
• Long bristle length for increased cleaning effectiveness.
• Rigid bristle choice for heavy-duty cleaning needs.
• Big ring handle designed for easy push and pull motions.
• Package includes a standard 10pcs/bag for convenience.
Constructed with high-quality stainless steel and medical-grade nylon bristle for durability and hygiene.