2. Cleaning Chemistry

LIQUIZIME® is a premium detergent that utilizes the power of enzymes in a mild alkaline solution. This powerful two-in-one super concentrate enzymatic cleaner and descaler removes all biofilm while eliminating any mineral deposits caused by hard water. LIQUIZIME®'s unique sequestering and emulsifying ability assures complete cleanliness and free rinsing of all surgical instruments and scopes.
• One-step cleaning and scale prevention
• Proprietary synergistic mixture of enzymes - Protease, Lipase, Amylase, Carbohydrase.
• Extremely fast wetting and odorless, while maintaining high require a neutralizer detergency and cleaning performance in hard, soft, cold and hot water.
• Free Rinsing. Low-Foaming - Low-Sudsing and Bio-dogradable.
• Specifically designed for use in all washer-disinfectors, tunnel washers, cart wastiers, ultrasonics and manual cleaning